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Carla is a Consultant, Certified Professional Coach and Trainer specialized in executive- and operational team transformations, and personal and corporate leadership growth, and development. With more than 20 years of experience in executive positions and in both the public and private sectors, and as an entrepreneur in human resource management and organizational development, she had the privilege to experience people in organizations as an insider on the management seat, and as a consultant with a fresh outside view. This has given her the ability to approach the most challenging situations that executives, management and individuals face in their private lives and their businesses, from different perspectives.

Working as an HR professional and independent consultant, she learned that no significant or sustainable change or transformation can occur in live and business without awareness. That notion induced her to become an iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) certified professional coach, to help her clients realized true attitudinal changes and transformations and learn do what they want in their lives with Joy, always based on consciousness!
Carla truly believes that life can be joyful, no matter the circumstances. So, in her work she not only focuses on success and achievement of goals, but that her clients learn to constantly be resilient, and experience happiness and joy in everything they do.

Carla is the brain behind of the Caribbean Happiness Conference, which has the objective to create and spread awareness on Curaçao and in the Caribbean about the actual meaning and value of happiness.

"Change is the only constant thing in life.
Your first best decision is to accept to change.
Your next best decision is to make this change happen out of awareness!

— GrowithCarla

How we can help you

When you know what you need to change, why you must change, how to change, to independently maintain that change, and you actually do it, then you have successfully transformed. This is what we call self-awareness. Our services are based on first and foremost help people understand why they think and do particular things in their lives. Why they act in certain ways, and what they can learn from themselves to change and transform sustainably.

Personal Growth

What if the new chapter in your life was only a call away? We are all gifted in a very special way and can do much more that we can imagine possible. We help people in all walks of life discover their ability and potential to do achieve what they want in their lives and live the life they want. Discover or uncover yours, with our customized Personal Growth program.

Elements of the programs:

  • discover, measure and understand your attitudes through an attitudinal assessment
  • get clarity about your true purpose and passion
  • take practical actions for your growth and transformation and learn to do what you want in life in a sustainable manner.

Schedule a FREE 30-minutes Coaching Session and learn how you can achieve Personal Growth”.

Leadership Development

CEO’s and leaders are just humans with their fears, doubts, insecurities, challenges, and needs. We help CEO’s and leaders to come up with responses to serve the demands and answer the questions by their organizations, multi-stakeholders, and face the challenges that life is presenting to them.

With this program:

  • you get aware of what drives you in your actions, how you are attending and serving your multi-stakeholders, and make decisions for change and transformation
  • you learn to locate and find issues, problems, and challenges where they are
  • you create true value on relevant topics for your team, your organization, and stakeholders.

Team Development

Rather than a single team building activity with short term effect, we help teams build accountability, develop long-term results, and create happy workplaces in multiple (at least three) work sessions.

Focus of this program is to:

  • create and increase awareness around the team’s attitude towards each other and others, their way of working, output and results
  • create common ground and sustainable supporting team values
  • foster and maintain team well-being
  • improve team performance and results

HR Coaching for Small & Medium sized businesses, SME's

A seasoned Senior HR professional in heart and soul, will never stop living her HR passion. We guide, prepare and coach your HR Department during a short period and help them transform into responsible HR professionals who approach their work like coaches. HR Coaches who constantly search for strategies and ways to help others grow personally and professionally, improve their performance and results and experience joy at work.

Program content:

  • Analysis and measurement of the performance of the department
  • Determine priority HR-topics and themes
  • Personal, and Team development Themes, and Topics
  • Personal- and Team Coaching for a predetermined period of time. We suggest a minimum of 3 months
  • Evaluation and reporting on Department-, Team-, and Personal results
  • Actions for sustainability of transformations

Customized Online Training & Courses

We support you and your organization’s specific needs by developing customized training programs and courses on development topics of your concern. We offer online training and courses on topics that are actual in our communities and globally. You can take the training and courses in your environment of choice and at your own pace.


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Caribbean Happiness Conference, March 21, 2022

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